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You get the best leasing deals. Our guide to eligibility will help you understand the various requirements for establishing a vehicle finance agreement. Despite being a relatively new company, Tesla has already found itself rubbing shoulders with the some of the biggest names in the motor industry. A well-planned marketing strategy and charismatic owners only increase the company’s sales. Tesla’s latest model S saloon encourages motorists to choose models that are better for the environment. The company’s designs are ground-breaking, and the technology displayed is leading the way for EVs in the future of the motor market for certain.

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Although it’s not something we plan on testing anytime soon, it’s reassuring nonetheless. Welcome to the future…The Tesla Model 3 is the most affordable Tesla yet, but it still retains all the iconic features that made the brand so famous. Which explains why it caused such a storm when it launched in the summer of 2019. And why the Tesla Model 3 has been outselling hugely popular fuel-powered cars, like the Ford Focus and Vauxhall Corsa, since then. This is the car for you if…You’ve always wanted to drive a Tesla but haven’t been able to afford it until now.

Tesla Model S 90d Dual Motor Auto 4wd 5dr

JBR offers a traditional Hire Purchase Contract that allows you to pay monthly instalments for your Tesla with the option to purchase the vehicle outright at the end a fixed term contract. Unlike in a PCP deal, where you have the option to buy the car, when your Tesla Model 3 lease deal ends, the car needs to be returned. Usually, the leasing company will arrange for it to be collected at your home at a time that suits your schedule. It’s worth talking with your supplier before you sign the lease. Witham Garage Ltd is the best place to find the best deal on a used Tesla car in Melton Mowbray. Visit us today!

  • Through ‘Personal Contract Purchase’ (or ‘PCP)
  • You get the best leasing deals.
  • This is due to the lump-sum payment you will make at the end of the contract if you choose to purchase the vehicle.
  • The Tesla Model 3’s leather seats add luxury to the driving experience.

The newly announced Tesla Roadster lays claim to being the fastest accelerating car in the world, with the potential to hit 60mph in a barely credible 1.9 seconds on its way to a top speed in excess of 250mph. The Model Y is expected to be Tesla’s most affordable offering to date, with prices tipped to start at just PS36,000. Large, gullwing rear doors make it easy to enter and exit, even from the rear row.

Used Tesla Cars In Melton Mowbray

Even more impressive, the base model can clock the same speed in less that twice as fast, just 5.6 seconds. Tesla’s first car, the Roadster, was launched in 2008; it was an early electric convertible that was based upon the Lotus Elise and was even partially assembled at the firm’s Norfolk factory. It’s a rare sight, with a strong performance and decent range. With its own dedicated It’s possible to find a charging network in the UK and Europe. This is a modern and exciting electric car company.

Founded in 2003, Tesla has systematically spearheaded the switch to electric cars from internal combustion. Although it may be considered an entry-level Tesla Model 3 car, the value it offers is unmatched. There are many models to choose from, including the Long Range version with a range of 350 miles and a charging time that takes 12 hours. There is a Tesla Model 3 for every budget. You must claim this offer within three calendar months of signing your vehicle lease T&Cs, by completing thisonline claim form to initiate this process. A maximum of 2,857kWh will be credited back to your energy bill, equating to 10,000 miles and a monetary value of PS128.57 including VAT. This calculation is based upon an average driving efficiency of 3.5% per kWh of charge and the GoElectric 35 tariff’s current off-peak cost of 4.5p/kWh.

You will be responsible for any damage to your vehicle at the end of your contract. You will be charged a termination fee if you do not settle your contract in a timely manner. Guaranteed Maintenance & Breakdown – access to a 48 hour relief vehicle if it can no longer be driven, or is left by the roadside. Standard features include an 11 speaker sound system and a 17-inch touchscreen. Although 21-inch alloys might be appealing, you won’t have to bother with the options list as much when choosing your vehicle. The Model S will be a hit with or without embellishments. It’s a stunner that can turn heads even after all these years.

While there may be some stigma regarding electric cars, Tesla has cut through the criticism and has proven its worth in speed, agility, range, handling and more besides. We offer a variety financing packages for any Tesla model, whether it is new or used. We can also offer lease purchase and hire purchase. We can also create customised prestige vehicle packages for you. Equity release is available to make your existing car collection work harder. A Balanced Payment Plan provides the benefits of a fixed monthly payment but tracks changes in the bank base rate, LIBOR, or finance house base rate depending on the agreement.

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It also features 360o cameras and 12 ultrasonic sensors. These are designed to keep you safe, but also make driving the Model 3 an even more comfortable experience. Back to the little touches that will make you feel like you’ve stepped into the future… Of course there’s no traditional key to open the Model 3. Instead, pull out your smartphone – download the Tesla app first – or wave the smart card over the driver’s door to unlock the vehicle. The Long Range version has a larger 75kWh battery that can be used to travel 348 miles on one charge.

Talk to one of our account executives to learn more about leasing this amazing machine. Leasing a brand new Tesla car doesn’t have to be out of reach – find out how you can hire one for less than PS1,135 per month with the price comparison guide from Leasing Options. But the breakthrough came in with the Model S, which was Tesla’s first bespoke EV. It was a stylish, modern, practical, and fast electric saloon that helped to make this manufacturer famous. The line-up expanded in 2016 with the Model X SUV. Based on the S, this was a larger and more practical choice with up to seven seats.