Learn to bet with the dice

The dice have as many variations , and one of them is Bets with Sic Bo.

This is a variation of Western dice played in China, known as “big and small”, Dai Siu, Hi-Lo or Tai Sai, the rules change significantly.

The most noticeable difference is that, instead of playing with two dice, as normally happens in craps, three dice are used in Sic Bo. Many casino forums claim that most gaming establishments in the United States have a choice of this game, but it is unlikely to observe a congregation of people waiting to play this game.

At the time, this game was incredibly popular, but that boom was declining after the decade of the nineties. What caused people to definitely stop preferring it was their complicated betting system they offered. Maybe there are fans that still take them into account and ask for them every time they visit a game room, but as far as the general public is concerned, they stay away from this variant of the craps.

In the Sic Bo, there is an endless amount of bets that can be made. In all, in some way, the house benefits from a margin that reaches almost 3%. In this game, you can bet on big or small wins.

In the first case, the player who wins, with the three dice, will win a number that goes from eleven to seventeen, those who get ten or less lose and, surprisingly, those who get an eighteen as a result.

Other ways to bet on the Sic Bo is to make them odd or even. In this system, the advantage of the house rises a few points above, to the displeasure of the players. However, as its name makes it clear, the player who draws pairs or odd wins, loses the one that pulls three-pointers (for example, 5-5-5 or 6-6-6).

Finally, with the specific triple bet, the Sic Bo ends up buried. This casino betting modality is the one that most discourages the players and was the main reason why the players stopped preferring this modality of the dice in the first place. From the point of view of probabilities, it is one in two hundred and fifty-one, and the reward is minimal in case of winning.

In some casinos, especially those in Macau, the odds increase to 150, but this does not make up for it given that the advantage of the house is 16%. However, not everything is wrong with the Sic Bo. The specific total bets are, perhaps, the most worthwhile, although they offer very low payments.

In this game mode, it is best to stick to big bets. For some players, the fact that the Sic Bo has an advantage of 2% compared to 5.25% of the roulette wheels, can give the impression that this is better than the other. However, the number of bets that are made per hour in roulette are much lower than those of these dice.

Odds bets without dispute

Crapless is a variation of the dice that, honestly, are considered as “immediate loss bets”. In this variation, the numbers two, three and twelve become points, eleven being a number of points that ignore the victories.

If this modality of the dice is characterized by something, it is because of the loss of advantage for the player. In fact, the house is the great beneficiary and that can not be admitted when there are traditional dice.

Die Rich

In this game, only one die is used; and from then on everything is completely different than in normal craps. According to the rules, that player who rolls a six wins the pass line bet and loses when he gets a one. All numbers that go from two to five are considered as point numbers.

To specify a little more about payment systems, there are four points that must be taken into account. In the first place, the player who manages to roll a six in the initial round receives a payment of even money. Move a point; that is, a two, three, four or five, is amortized in 2 to 1.

Getting a point in the third round is also paid with stop money, while in the fourth round, a payment of 2 to 1 is again contributed. When a specific number is declared that falls on the table, the payment is 4 a 1.

This variation of the dice, although diametrically different from the version of craps that are frequently played in a casino, is much more popular than the last two and, if viewed from an economic perspective, helps to amass some credit without much effort.

How to win in craps

As in any other casino game, the objective of the dice is not to minimize casino profits, but to maximize those of the players. Therefore, knowing how to play craps is a way to have fun succeeding. It may seem impossible to build a technique that works one hundred percent, but there are feasible methods.

The first step to take an advantage in the dice is to choose the bets. It takes a lot of cunning and intelligence, especially when deciding on one another. If a player is a rookie, the most important thing is that they always choose what is safe.

However, if the credit limit is large, and a bettor has the resolution not to go bankrupt, you can take risks with more risky bets. With all this, the advantage of small bets is that they leave the smallest profit margin for the house and, no matter how you look at it, that is an achievement.

On the other hand, another trick to keep a reasonable profit in the craps is avoiding at all costs lay bets. First, the casino takes a 5% advantage over the player and, second, the only way to win is by keeping fixed bets. However, if a gambler insists on taking risks beforehand, it is best to always go for multiples 4-10, 5-9 or 6-8.

To increase the chances of getting full returns on payments, it is most feasible to bet with specific amounts, since these figures get odds of 2 to 1.

Dice everywhere

Many players are familiar with six-sided dice, and not necessarily by casino games. In fact, it is possible to affirm that in every game that involves dice, bets are open. With the exception of role-playing games, such as Dungeon and Dragons, in backgammon, monopoly or Yahtzee, these are a priority.

The advantage of betting with dice in other games that are not a casino is that the rules are more flexible, allowing to create a whole system of games designed by a group of friends, or even in the living room of a family.

Also, when playing at home, there is no advantage over anyone except the real winner. This means that if there are three hundred dollars in the pot of a game, no one, two, five or ten percent of the net profit corresponds to anyone.

This is not an exhortation for people to stop attending casinos or stubbornly insist on playing from their homes. In fact, many gamblers agree that adrenaline is increased by being surrounded by perfect strangers who cross their fingers and wave their palms every time they reach a point.

Final findings

The dice are a game of chance that has existed for centuries and, as such, has experienced better over time. However, it cannot be denied that some got stuck in front of some variations that managed to stay in the minds and hearts of people.

Still, with its variations or not, the dice are interesting and definitely tempting. To sit at a craps table, as well as smart, you need to take advantage of the advantages as much as possible, reducing everything to a simplicity that prevents the casinos get too much profit.

In online craps games, the variations are not as plentiful as land-based casinos, but this does not mean that it loses its popularity because of this. Very rarely the variations of online casinos play more against and less in favor, in fact, this is one of the qualities that certain players prefer over live casinos.

Also, each software provider has its own way of computerizing the game, so each game of craps, from the interface to the movements, is done in a unique way. The great benefit of playing craps online is that the rules remain standard.

Whether Microgaming or Playtech the provider, the advantage they have over land casinos is that they let their players see the history of the throws, allowing them to put together a strategy that works according to what suits them.

This allows us to conclude that in the dice the variation matters, it is true, but the players and the casino are also fundamental. The dynamics depend on them, and that constant bid to make a good game. What is recommended, as always, is to make the game responsible.