How to Pick Lottery Numbers – 5 Strategies to Win Big

Are you looking for ways to win the lotto? Need some tricks to get the right numbers for your lotto tickets? Don’t you wonder how many people actually do win at the lotto? The answer is quite possibly yes, however, it is not because of luck but because they do have a strategy. Here are 5 strategies to win at lotto, whether you are an average person or a high roller.

The first way to win is to pick numbers of the games you play already. If you are a pick 3 lotto player, go ahead and pick the numbers already played. This is because lotto is a game of chance and you can’t win anything if you haven’t won the game before. If you want to win, you might want to bet in the game you enjoy the most. That means you will have more chances of winning if you bet on the games you like.

Another strategy to win is to educate yourself on numbers. It is important to have your own special list of numbers that always or mostly come out in the lotto. You can either do this by recording the numbers you see every week or you can do this by writing down the numbers. If you’ve been playing for quite a while, it is usually better to record the numbers, especially if you’re used to write down the numbers. Those, however, that just want to quick pick or use the quick pick system, they can do so anytime they want.

If you want to win bigger prizes, you can divide your budgeted amount among the number of weeks you want to gamble. Then, you can spread it among the number of tickets you buy. Of course, the chances of winning are less if you buy more tickets but, instead of concentrating on the odds, you should concentrate on the numbers.

The third way to win is to take note what numbers come out even more often than others. Once again, it’s fortunate to have a list of your selected numbers. With those, you can compare them and bet on the numbers that are often picked out more than other numbers. If your thought process is this, the odds of you winning will one over time.

The fourth way to win is to pick the numbers that have been recently drawn. Once again, numbers are chosen randomly and the chances of them coming out again are quite slim, yet some numbers get lucky and are rarely called. If you look at the draws in the last 30 days, you can easily figure out which numbers usually gets chosen.

The fifth way to win is to make use of the old hot numbers. Hot numbers are those that have been drawn out quite often, yet people usually choose them at random, often choosing numbers of their birthday. Once again, there is no real pattern and while you can’t study what the future holds, you can easily predict what the past has to offer.

If you are making use of any of these strategies, you are not alone. Hundreds of people these days do the exact same thing as you, only to win.