Enjoy Couch Potato On Mobile

Once upon a time I visited Australia in case of an emergency, there I was stayed  in a 5 star hotel in Perth with my close relative and feel uncomfortable in the hotel because my relative was not there, he had gone for a work, then  I simply asked a room waiter and  asked him about the city and hostel . Waiter told me that sir here a new casino near our hotel where you can spent your time and there are also a restaurant and a club. Then in the evening I also visited the famous casino named by Burswood in the Perth, I can’t tell you about this awesome casino this really well furnished and well designed by the lights a sweet song make your mind fresh everytime . After then I saw many of the casino games there and also saw the poker machine, slot machine but I don’t take any kind of interest in those, then I goes to near Couch Potato pokies and take interest to play it because it is free for arrivals. Seriously this is very funny and interesting game, I can say you must try to play this awesome play; I just love Couch Potato and also won much real money from the pokers by playing of this event.

Online casino having many event but Couch Potato is only the event in which casino provide you 3 reels and only a single payline, casino provide the jackpot for 4000, it is easy to play and depend upon the betting system also, this is almost a pokies type game but very simple to play as compare to other .

You can also play slot machine and Couch Potato pokier via using android phone and iPhone by downloading the free apps of these games and get chance to win money for free.